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Driven by mandolin, banjo, guitar, and piano, this is music about growing up and leaving a small town: loves lost and found, the family holding you back, the pills and their toll, the ups and downs of hometown legends larger than life, coming up small.

The album opens with ‘Rolling Still’, a song about getting older and trying to live up to how cool, wild, and free you imagined yourself to be back in the day. From there, the album flashes back in time to the innocence and youth of a first relationship (Caught the Gist of It), family crisis (The Ties that Blind), the loss and aftermath of drug addiction (Pain Pills), and leaving a hometown behind (Shotgun Rider) and rolling into adulthood. The second half of the record continues the journey through the struggles and trials of a mature relationship (What a Waste of What We Are), the birth of a child (Someotherwhere), love lost (Rusted Through, Time has Passed Me By) and closes with love found, through redemption and rebirth (Live as Children of Light).

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